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Saddle Bag 181 x 53

Saddle Bag 181 x 53

Nomadic collectibles
Carpet Code: 7964
Material (Pile - Warp):
Material (Pile - Warp):
  • Wool on Wool
  • Iran / Persia
Knots / m2: 100.000
  • About New(10-20)
Also known as: Balutch
​Retailer price:1020 €
MBI Price: 770 €
390 €
Price / kg:

The handmade carpets' colors look different depending on the side you view the carpet from.This is because the pile of handmade carpets, in contrast to machine made carpets, is inclined so that the carpet has protection from dirt and wear.
For a detailed view please click the images below.

Nomads have been making their daily necessities for hundreds of years. The saddle bags in our collection are saddlebags, backpacks, cushions and various oriental decorative items.
The raw material is always the wool of our own production. Different weaving techniques can appear in the same saddle bag, or they can be different carpets or kilims sewn together.

About weave and colors of nomadic carpets

Some carpets, mostly nomadic, have stripes of another colour in the weaving. This happens because every wool quality absorbs different the colour, but the weaver does not see it before the final wash, where the carpet gets its final appearance.
Small subtle stripes many times "give live" to a carpet, but large contrasts in colour are considered annoying and reduce the value of a carpet.
This phenomenon is called abrash, a word derived from the word rash in Fars language (mean cloudiness).
Also the form of nomadic carpets may be a little crooked as they are made under simple conditions and on foldable-not stable looms.

Despite the naturalness of these phenomena, our company tries to eliminate them as far as possible and selects mainly high quality carpets without flaws, with very strict criteria.


Other information’s

Nomadic carpets were for many years a smart purchase with a low price. But it is unfortunately a fact that this changes every year. The offer of original nomadic carpets continuously decreases with the result that prices go up.
Many current nomads are no longer move continuously as before, this has results in the nomadic tradition and culture. The carpets and rugs of course continue to be an important element of their lives.
The materials used are homemade and the looms are usually horizontal and foldable.
They do not use a drawing of the carpet, but they weave by memory.
The Designs are influenced by their environment and they have been handed over from generation to generation.


Carpet Code:
Material (Pile - Warp): Tooltip
Material (Pile - Warp):
  • Wool on Wool
  • Iran / Persia
Knots / m2:
  • About New(10-20)
Also known as:

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Saddle Bag 181 x 53
390 €
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