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Knotting Density

It is wise before you buy a carpet to check the density of the knotting by you self, because on this issue many salesman exaggerate a little.

It is something very simple, count the knots in length 1cm and  in width 1cm and then multiply these two numbers, you now have the knots per square cm.

If you multiply x 10.000  you found the number of knots per square meter.


See the two examples below


Knotting calculation of carpets with uneven weave,

      each dot represents a knot.



Knotting calculation of carpets with even weave,

      each pair of dots represents a knot.





For very accurate results must be measured at various points of the carpet and take an average,

or even better to count the knots in a bigger area eg 10x10cm and then multiply by 100.

Do not forget that the density is not the only criterion of the quality of a carpet but useful for comparing two similar carpets.

The number of knots , the knot type , material , origin , number and quality of colors even the design  determine together the quality and price of a carpet.




υπολογισμός κόμπων σε χαλί σε επίπεδη πλέξη

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